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Oh yes. DIY has begun in earnest. Dust is swirling. And settling- on everything. But it feels good to get started! Insulating upstairs is the first project. Because the ceilings are so heavily coombed, and there is no attic space, we are having to remove the wood panelled walls to fit the insulation. So we needed to move downstairs. This somehow turned into bashing out the fireplace in the sitting room… it seemed necessary at the time. Out with the old, pseudo-Art Deco fireplace (not without its retro charm, I’ll grant) and back to the original granite blocks- painted and very dirty, but it’s still exciting. So, not really before and after photos, but certainly during:

And Sol’s big brass-trimmed bedstead that we bought for a bargain price (due to the amount of back breaking restoration work involved in it) is also under way. I’m keeping an eye out for another one for Otis- the old beds have such character and look right at home under the eaves.


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After some time away visiting lots of family, we are back home and starting to tackle the myriad jobs and DIY projects that all clamour for attention first. To cement or lead line the gable end and tiles? To start upstairs, with insulation, or downstairs, where the dark wet patch is eerily enlarging? A wardrobe cupboard has been constructed in the eaves of the landing, to replace our one which doesn’t fit in the elvish-sized accommodation upstairs. Sol enjoyed the spiralled shavings.

Sadly our white Leghorn cross chicken met a sticky end yesterday afternoon. As it was a diurnal attack, I suspect a feral cat that has been hanging around, but foxes are notorious rule-breakers and one might have nabbed her. Poor thing. A puff of feathers is all that remains. The upside is that we found 32 eggs in the hedge when looking for her, all passing the water test, so lots of lemon curd and custard coming up!

The white ones are from Leggy. RIP. I’d like to think she just eloped with her fancy man:

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