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Not that bunting has ever, to my knowledge, professed any kind of machismo or tough manliness, but this has to be the most unicorn-and-glitter friendly bunting I’ve ever made.




I’m not sure what came over me: I saw something similar on Pinterest; I am surrounded by little boys; I have an abundance of vintage embroidered linens… don’t you just love it when a plan comes together. I didn’t want to spend any money on this project, and just made do with the ribbons and materials I already had, with a heavy bias towards pink.


None of my Very Precious tablecloths were used, and I did have to take a deep breath when I chopped up two hand towels. But delicately worked hand towels just aren’t going to get used for anything in this house, so I went for it. Some of the pennant backs are an equally super-fluffy pink and flowery Liberty print.


I plan to put it up for birthday parties until my sons beg me not to, at which point I will put it up on MY birthday and revel in its frivolity. And eat cakes and drink tea from my Wedgewood cups. Yay!



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Another lovely little baby made his way into the world last week, at home, and I was delighted with an oppotunity to make proper use of these partially pieced squares I originally set aside for Otis.


As so often happens, other things, other projects, took hold and they languished. But the imminent due date of my friend spurred me into action and I finished the piecing and hand quilted it, with a couple of nautical embroidery motifs added in, as both my friend and her husband were naval officers.



I used a wool wadding for the first time, and as was utterly predictable, loved it. It has a beautiful loft, was easy to quilt, and is so warm, as well as breathable. I used a brushed cotton for the back which is invitingly strokable. It does mean, along with the hand work, that this quilt can’t really be bunged in the washing machine, but spot cleaned or gently hand washed. I know a lot of people despair at this sort of ‘impractical’ baby gift, but take heart from another friend who just saved the blanket I’d knitted until her little refluxy daughter had stopped drenching 20 muslins a day, and uses it constantly now- which gives me hope that care and love can usurp machine washability in the value of an item!



I also hope little Fergus (and his family) like his new quilt!


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McMillan Advent calendar 001

I did get this finished in time for my own two children to hang up the gingerbread man (for he was first, although true to form he did ‘run away’ down the back of the radiator as he was being held aloft) but I am so sick of the sight of them on my blog I didn’t take any photos or draft any posts.

McMillan Advent calendar 003

Hmmm, camera lens needs a clean. Who could be the culprit?!

But for completeness’ sake, here it is: the sixth and last advent calendar. I used a Scandi-inspired fabric from one of my local fabric shops, which I just fell in love with.

McMillan Advent calendar 004

I especially like the undyed, cream cotton background with flecks in it.

McMillan Advent calendar 005

Sol is very excited every morning to hang up the next decoration and we are all enjoying the visual reminder of just how close -or far- Christmas really is.

McMillan Advent calendar 002

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advent calendars finished 2013 011

After a bit of a delay thanks to an unpleasant tonsil virus and perforated ear drum (the latter Otis, not me!) 5 of the advent calendars are finished. Our one, the 6th, fell by the wayside last week when I had neither the time nor the energy to get the backing fabric for it. But I don’t need to post my one- these need to wing their way to England, to Fife, and, for the first time, to the USA! Which they should be doing tomorrow. How exciting. And, I’ll admit it, what a relief!

advent calendars finished 2013 013

The angel this year didn’t end up with green hair (a talked-of possibility) but black, with the sparkly red and white felt used, I hope, to Christmassy effect.

advent calendars finished 2013 008

advent calendars finished 2013 004

advent calendars finished 2013 010

And there you have it. Many, many months of work and much moaning (poor Oli). I love them so much once they’re done: they have a real weight and tactile invitation about them, and the fabrics are lovely, especially the larger flowers, above. But I am glad to see them on their way, and will be happy to start something NEW!

advent calendars finished 2013 015


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Advent decs 2013 053

Readers, you could be forgiven for thinking I had disappeared into the felt scraps. But I assure you. I am still here, and still making my advent calendars for this year. All decorations but the angel for the top of the tree are finished!

Advent decs 2013 044

Advent decs 2013 045

There are six of each of these…

There are a few new ones for this year but the old classics -robin, Christmas pud, Russian dolls- are still here.

Advent decs 2013 048

Advent decs 2013 049

Advent decs 2013 046

And now this is happening (broken dishwasher…sob):

Advent decs 2013 043

So that this can happen:

Advent decs 2013 042Some (subtle, tasteful-  can glitter be tasteful? oh well, it’s Christmas after all) sparkly felt arrived today, so the angels should take shape soon. For now: back to numerals.

Advent decs 2013 054

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Esther's cape, oct 2013 009

In keeping with a certain Christmas carol, I decided to do some hens for the advent calendars. I thought perhaps there were some sort of French poultry breed I should know about- but a quick Google image search for ‘French hens’ threw up only sketches of white hens in berets, clutching onions and bottles of wine. So I feel reasonably safe in my black speckled hens!


Esther's cape, oct 2013 010

I spotted today a little note on my calendar advising me I should have finished all 24 decorations for all 6 calendars by now… nothing like a missed deadline to prick feelings of guilt, and get the sewing things out!

Esther's cape, oct 2013 012

Esther's cape, oct 2013 013

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advent decs halfway 005

…through the advent calendar decorations! New for this year are some slightly tropical-coloured embroidered circles, which I just did on a whim and really like.

advent decs halfway 006

Next up are some French hens, also new for this set, along with the old favourite Russian dolls and snowmen. I’ll leave the angel until last- and I’m still undecided as to her colours this year…

advent decs halfway 008

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