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As much as I love poring over the mizzle and mouse’s back and other varying shades of eau de nil from the Farrow and Ball paint shade cards, I must admit to a strong liking for colour. My favourite jeans are mustard yellow and I find myself reaching for a juicy tangerine sewing thread whenever I can’t decide which colour to use- it just seems to go with everything! I’ve spoken before of my creeping sense of confusion over colour and pattern in my fabric choices, and have been humming and hawing over this particular quilt for months. I choose fabrics, lay them out, look at them for a week, and then shove them away again to go back to Pinterest and general hand-wringing. In the end I bought a pack of plain squares from Oakshott and the jewel-like hues were enough to finally spur me into action.



It’s another geometric quilt, the Broken Dishes pattern, which I saw initially on New York blog the Purl Bee, done in beautifully tasteful muted cotton. Mine will be more riotous, but that’s just the way I felt like going…


Darks, lights, and a Scholastic Books catalogue… not involved!


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Another lovely little baby made his way into the world last week, at home, and I was delighted with an oppotunity to make proper use of these partially pieced squares I originally set aside for Otis.


As so often happens, other things, other projects, took hold and they languished. But the imminent due date of my friend spurred me into action and I finished the piecing and hand quilted it, with a couple of nautical embroidery motifs added in, as both my friend and her husband were naval officers.



I used a wool wadding for the first time, and as was utterly predictable, loved it. It has a beautiful loft, was easy to quilt, and is so warm, as well as breathable. I used a brushed cotton for the back which is invitingly strokable. It does mean, along with the hand work, that this quilt can’t really be bunged in the washing machine, but spot cleaned or gently hand washed. I know a lot of people despair at this sort of ‘impractical’ baby gift, but take heart from another friend who just saved the blanket I’d knitted until her little refluxy daughter had stopped drenching 20 muslins a day, and uses it constantly now- which gives me hope that care and love can usurp machine washability in the value of an item!



I also hope little Fergus (and his family) like his new quilt!


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McMillan Advent calendar 001

I did get this finished in time for my own two children to hang up the gingerbread man (for he was first, although true to form he did ‘run away’ down the back of the radiator as he was being held aloft) but I am so sick of the sight of them on my blog I didn’t take any photos or draft any posts.

McMillan Advent calendar 003

Hmmm, camera lens needs a clean. Who could be the culprit?!

But for completeness’ sake, here it is: the sixth and last advent calendar. I used a Scandi-inspired fabric from one of my local fabric shops, which I just fell in love with.

McMillan Advent calendar 004

I especially like the undyed, cream cotton background with flecks in it.

McMillan Advent calendar 005

Sol is very excited every morning to hang up the next decoration and we are all enjoying the visual reminder of just how close -or far- Christmas really is.

McMillan Advent calendar 002

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AC fabrics2013 017

And all very red and Christmassy… I have figured it takes me three hours per calendar to embroider the numbers onto the pockets, so by that calculation have a mere nine hours to go!

These are the three fabrics from last year

AC fabrics2013 006

And two new ones, (chosen by a client way back in January!)

AC fabrics2013 005

On a different note, my hoarding of vintage linens continues: I picked up this sweet little crocheted (I think!) bit of floral lace for one pound in a charity shop.

AC fabrics2013 001

AC fabrics2013 002

I think it’ll look nice on a cushion, similar to these ones I made my sister-in-law.

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I could create rather a lot of ‘I love’ posts at the moment- we are moving towards the much more exciting bit of DIY in the sitting room: the choosing of paint, light switches and the like. As my Pinterest ‘Home’ board will attest (I love Pinterest, and feel annoyed not to have thought of it first), money is no object in the perusal of home décor. Particularly lovely is this Harvest Hare wallpaper by Mark Herald. Sadly we’ve decided not to use ‘feature’ wallpaper as the room is so oddly shaped I think it’ll draw too much attention to its irregularities. Very happily, though, there is fabric available to buy in the same print…  beautiful.

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finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 034

This is the second cape from Meg McElwee’s Growing Up sew Liberated I’ve made as a gift. I’m getting quicker! I had bought a pale pink fabric to line the cape, but realised that I had bought about 10cm too little, which was extremely frustrating. Time limitations meant that I had to use something from my stash. It hurt a bit cutting such a large piece from this striped shot cotton that was my grandmother’s, but there’s still some left and I think it makes for quite the pattern clash contrast!

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 032

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 033

Therefore this one is truly reversible with a button on both sides, a Gabrielle Reith bumble bee and an enamelled coconut one. Hope she likes it!

NOT in the cape-modelling mood.

NOT in the cape-modelling mood.

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finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 026

After a bit of playing around with the sawtooth edge (also known as prarie points) I have finished off the ship quilt! I embroidered the baby’s initials and date of birth on the prow of the ship (I think that’s right, the prow?!)

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 023

The back: the wee triangles are pinned and then sewn on, folded over and the front slip stitched in place

The back: the wee triangles are pinned and then sewn on, folded over and the front slip stitched in place

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 029

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 021

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 024

I asked Sol if he thought these looked like waves, and he replied very matter-of-factly, ‘No. But this lovely bit at the bottom is the seaweed at the bottom of the sea.’ I can live with that!

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 025

I had hoped to get outside to photograph it hanging from the clothesline, but the weather has involved far too much horizontal snow at 25mph wind to do much more than scurry down the track to the car and back! I just need to wash the quilt (gently!) to remove the Sewline pencil marks and then it will be off in the post. Bon voyage! (That’s the last nautical reference, I promise!)


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