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Now, to some, a shed in and unto itself is a thing of beauty. Those words have even been said (honestly, I think) of our shed. But the merits of a shed are not lost on me simply because it isn’t very bonny. At times the toilet for the house (what dread a late-night winter visit must have brought), coal shed, work tool shed, bike shed, wheel store, a home for migrating birds and now the tumble dryer and possibly one day a big freezer… the potential is limitless.

The shed has seen better days. Apart from blocking the view quite assuredly from the kitchen and bathroom windows, its location means it takes the full brunt of the north wind in winter time. We think this has served the main house very well- but the wood on the shed is in very poor nick and the pointing is sorely in need of attention.

It was further modified last week to accommodate our chopped wood- and I added a couple of things to give the poor old shed a bit of love.

Useful, yes; beautiful… hmmm. In its own way, I think: very.


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Oh yes. DIY has begun in earnest. Dust is swirling. And settling- on everything. But it feels good to get started! Insulating upstairs is the first project. Because the ceilings are so heavily coombed, and there is no attic space, we are having to remove the wood panelled walls to fit the insulation. So we needed to move downstairs. This somehow turned into bashing out the fireplace in the sitting room… it seemed necessary at the time. Out with the old, pseudo-Art Deco fireplace (not without its retro charm, I’ll grant) and back to the original granite blocks- painted and very dirty, but it’s still exciting. So, not really before and after photos, but certainly during:

And Sol’s big brass-trimmed bedstead that we bought for a bargain price (due to the amount of back breaking restoration work involved in it) is also under way. I’m keeping an eye out for another one for Otis- the old beds have such character and look right at home under the eaves.

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