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Finally! The laying and sanding of our sitting room floor has unfortunately eaten up rather a lot of knitting time, but after a few hours in the car last weekend visiting friends and the odd row snatched here and there, my Jared Flood shawl is at last finished.


It consisted of three sections, all knitted using different techniques, which kept it interesting, although I was ready for it to be over with by the end!


I did try take some photos of it without the use of children and dogs as props, but the colour just didn’t look right. It’s a gorgeous Shilasdair yarn dyed using tansy flowers. My sister is the recipient- I hope you like it Sophie!



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AC fabrics2013 017

And all very red and Christmassy… I have figured it takes me three hours per calendar to embroider the numbers onto the pockets, so by that calculation have a mere nine hours to go!

These are the three fabrics from last year

AC fabrics2013 006

And two new ones, (chosen by a client way back in January!)

AC fabrics2013 005

On a different note, my hoarding of vintage linens continues: I picked up this sweet little crocheted (I think!) bit of floral lace for one pound in a charity shop.

AC fabrics2013 001

AC fabrics2013 002

I think it’ll look nice on a cushion, similar to these ones I made my sister-in-law.

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I finally finished the scarf to match the owl hat I knitted for a friend way back in June! It too has a cable owl, but consists predominantly of a simple lace pattern I plucked from my knitting bible (Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework, a highly valuable retro tome on everything from blackwork to macramé)


I apologise for the poor quality, hasty photos: I had only my phone with me and had to hand it over the next day. The baby alpaca, by Rowan, is as soft as can be and has a lovely haze, but the scarf felt nicely heavy too.


I hope the recipient likes it as much as her hat and that Glasgow has one or two chilly winter days for her to wear them!

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Cowls, snoods, neck warmer, call them what you will, they make cosy and quick knitting projects and are ideal presents. This pattern only uses one 50g ball of double knitting yarn, and I picked two up from my local charity shop for 50p each, a lovely soft wool and alpaca blend. They’re for Sol’s teachers and nursery nurses, as they spend so much time outside with the children and it’s chilly up here!

I lined them in white fleece, as precaution against itchiness (although I don’t find them itchy, some people are very sensitive to wool) as well as an extra warm layer. The lining has the added bonus of showing up the lace pattern nicely. Two more to go!

Free pattern from The Knitting Bee here.

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So excited was I to get knitting with my lovely Flying Flock yarn, I was very unadventurous and plumped  for a modified version of Jared Flood’s Shale Baby Blanket. I really struggled with this pattern the first time: it was only my second ever knitted project and it nearly drove me to despair. With slightly more experience, this time round had me wondering what all the fuss had been about. Fewer repeats across and a longer length turned the blanket shape into a cosy winter wrap.

Another ball probably would have resulted in a slightly more generous sweep, but it’s not too bad. I absolutely loved knitting this- the wool, the pattern, the happiness of knitting something for someone who would love it too (hopefully!) Next up: another baby quilt…

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I picked these chair backs up from my local Red Cross Shop months ago, to use along the arms of the sofas to limit the sticky baby finger-carnage. But they languished in my linen chest along with all the other bits and pieces I haven’t been able to resist, until recently I decided to get back into the saddle and get cracking on the 8+ window blinds I still need to make. Sewing Roman blinds has not been my favourite thing ever. They are dull, dull, dull, and require quite precise measuring: not my forte. Which is probably why I actually rather enjoyed making this one: joining up the separate cloths was pretty haphazard, and it just didn’t matter.

Each one was different, with the tension in the handmade lace, the lengths of the scallops, and the number of repeats all varying. I think the woman who tatted them must have either changed her technique as she progressed, or made some in a good mood and some in a bad mood. Therapeutic crafting! I particularly like the way this one looks a bit like an earlobe:

Eventually we’ll have a kind of vintage theme going on in the bathroom; with bevelled edge mirrors and the roll top slipper bath, so the soft, feminine fabric and lace works well, I think, and I’m really pleased with it!

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Well the little gold cardigan is finished! My first actual garment is wearable. The amazement I felt when I knit my sister a very simple snood (scarf with decreases, knit flat and sewn up, as easy as it comes) and saw actual fabric coming from the needles has diminished somewhat. I am still pleased, but with a little skill has come a lot of frustration and spotting of errors! With each knitting project, though, I have learned so much. For example: stitch markers, despite their moniker, do not go on stitches. They go on your needles. Ahem.

Thank goodness for You Tube, where the patience of the video makers is eternal. But here it is, mistakes and all. I met tiny Emilia yesterday, and was reassured by her tiny-ness. It will fit! At present it is under my sofa cushion, so I can sit cluckily atop it whilst it flattens out a bit.

No more knitting for now: there are sycamore leaves to cut for the next quilt.

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