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There really is no such thing. Even when a friend has kindly given me 3kg of apples, and I have all the jars, vinegar, sugar and raisins to make chutney right here in my cupboards, the actual process of preserving always takes so much longer than I think it will. Even with the aid of my apple master, an ingenious contraption that peels, cores and slices even the tiniest of apples with a few twirls of the handle, I got a bit fed up after 2kg and endless jars of chutney.

So I used some of the remaining apples with rosehips to make a jelly, which meant only rough chopping and no peeling or coring.


Even this took longer than expected, with the picking of the hips, boiling, overnight straining and then boiling again with sugar. As much of a faff as this all is, the resulting jars of chutney, jams and jellies is more than worth it. Just- not quick.



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It's aye Scottish ken

It’s aye Scottish

It’s at this time of year that signs start popping up on every roadside and junction end, flashing some sort of gala day, open gardens, charity fair or school fete as you drive past, only to catch that there is definitely something on this Saturday from 10-4 but slightly unsure as to what and where. But the Cushnie Games committee, of which Oli is a proud member, had their signs professionally printed and weatherproofed this year, and no one in this corner of Aberdeenshire could have missed the yearly Games which was set for last Saturday. The event was something of a damp squib last year- drizzly and cold; they made a loss (aim: break even); there was no bric-a-brac stall (fingers severely burned one year when a tsumani of bric-a-brac was donated, requiring weeks of trailer runs afterwards to dispose of it all); and several of the stall holders failed to turn up.

With a few tweaks of layout here and there, a deposit required from stallholders, and some glorious sunshine, this year was quite the comeback. Oh yes, Cushnie was a-buzz with the sound of the pipe band, races with some rather entertaining commentary (and running) and children running amok from the tea tent to refuel with homebakes to the bouncy castles to burn off the malteaser tray bake and fairy cakes.

Cushnie Games 2013 006

Cushnie Games 2013 008

Egg (tattie) and spoon race -under 5’s-
You can just see the ‘cake’ bunting on the tent on the background!

Sol and his friends had a great day, Oli manned the bric-a-brac and thoroughly enjoyed bartering (only the matter of one or two boxes of leftover bric-a-brac decorating our sitting room) and it was altogether a success. I made some bunting as quickly as humanly possible reading ‘Cakes’ for the tea tent, which left the machine on Saturday morning into Oli’s hands and onto the tent- I barely got a glance at it to ensure it did not read ‘Caeks’ or somesuch before it disappeared, so apologies for the lack of photos!

Cushnie Games 2013 002

Cushnie Games 2013 001

I’ll get in back on Thursday so will take a picture of it then before putting it away until the next party at which there might be loads of cake… Otis… two… next week… crikey!

Cushnie Games 2013 005

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