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Finally! The laying and sanding of our sitting room floor has unfortunately eaten up rather a lot of knitting time, but after a few hours in the car last weekend visiting friends and the odd row snatched here and there, my Jared Flood shawl is at last finished.


It consisted of three sections, all knitted using different techniques, which kept it interesting, although I was ready for it to be over with by the end!


I did try take some photos of it without the use of children and dogs as props, but the colour just didn’t look right. It’s a gorgeous Shilasdair yarn dyed using tansy flowers. My sister is the recipient- I hope you like it Sophie!



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Beech baby bowl

The author of one of my crafting books, in the section on children and homewares (placemats, aprons, the like) urges parents to let their little ones use real glass drinking tumblers. If they break, she says, then this will teach the child ‘to move with a little more grace.’ I must stifle laughter every time I read that passage, clearly written by someone with a) no children of their own or b) a gentle child who would never consider throwing a breakable object or precious book on the floor, and cannot comprehend that other children may not share this disposition.

I have both types; Sol has his moments, of course, but is on the whole a gentle soul. Otis, on the other hand, will quite deliberately select the largest glass vessel from the recycling (a pickled gherkin jar, to be precise) and take it to the hardest floor surface in the house and smash it for the sheer joy of splintering glass and the sound of delighted squeals from his elder brother. I have lost more crockery in recent months than ever before in my crockery-owning (and caring) life. So stuff learning to move (aka throw) with grace; no more porcelain/Doulton bunny bowls/china/vintage melamine/hand-thrown stoneware (sob!) for this one.

But I can do without yet more stained and scratched plastic in my life once he has outgrown the porridge-bowl-on-the-head phase, so did a quick google of wooden baby bowls. I found Objects of Use, a truly tempting site that has simplicity, longevity and quality at its heart.

Finnish Kuksa birch burl cups

An array of brushes, screwdrivers, baby rattles, cooking pans and gardening tools are photographed and catalogued very simply, their usefulness and beauty elegantly apparent.

Finnish Sarpaneva casserole pot- the wooden handle detaches and is used to hook under and lift the lid.
I need this pot in my life. Yes I do.

Of course, it’s all super-duper right-on and ethically sourced and made, and they profess to sell objects that will mature and improve with age and use. Their lovely non-throw-away ethic is at odds with my overwhelming desire to bin the contents of my house and furnish it entirely with their goods. ASAP. Here are one or two temptations…

Adorable little tape measure

Gimlet set- I even want these

Beautiful Dutch brush (my grandmother has a similar one)

I really could just insert every item they sell into this post, but won’t spoil it for you- take a look for yourself! Objects of Use

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