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wishboe headband, sol and otis pics 128

A while ago I posted a series of photos taken by my then-4-year-old son. It has proved to be one of my most popular posts. I found it fascinating what he considered worthy of photographing, and enjoyed his sense of wonder at the technology of the camera, in particular the flash. In recent weeks, he has also been giving the camera to Otis, who is 2. He too takes pictures of the things he likes, but seems to prefer photographing people for now. Here are a select few from the pair of them, Sol’s love of the macro first:

wishboe headband, sol and otis pics 020

sol in hat, sol pics 040

sol in hat, sol pics 038

coffee table and sol pics 021

This one is a mystery, even to him. Answers on a postcard please.

coffee table and sol pics 002

A favourite object, with hand to lend a sense of scale:

sol in hat, sol pics 089

coffee table and sol pics 130

The use of flash often lends a crime scene flavour to many shots- or perhaps skanky motel. Either way, it impresses upon us the need to refurbish the bathroom:

sol in hat, sol pics 014

There are still plenty of selfies

coffee table and sol pics 080

And some family members too

coffee table and sol pics 081

coffee table and sol pics 025

wishboe headband, sol and otis pics 040

And I love the joy in Sol’s face at this, Otis’ first ever photo:

sol in hat, sol pics 056

More from Otis

wishboe headband, sol and otis pics 158

wishboe headband, sol and otis pics 126

I know this is slightly off-piste for a crafty blog, but photography is such an expressive and creative medium, and it’s fun to see not only what children do with it, unbound as they are by ideas of subject matter and style, but forms an intriguing glimpse into their world.


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We’re back home in -yet more- sweet summer sunshine reflecting on the past two weeks, filled in the lead-up with jobs, a good deal of sweat, tears, more chocolate, butter and eggs than I care to see again, flowers upon flowers upon flowers, more tears and exchanging of vows, beautiful poetry and prose, dancing, rum punch and then, with the removal of shoes and a top up of rum punch, more dancing.

The thing about a marquee wedding, or similar non-hotel venue, is that it is monumentally more work. There is no wedding planner to co ordinate flower vases with chair hire, and it is up to you and your army of friends and family to decorate, set up, and dismantle. James’ mum did the flowers -so utterly beautifully that if she ever were to consider a change of career from farmer’s wife/mother/grandmother/account manager/insert-ANY-job-here- she would be in some demand. Our uncle and aunt provided the venue of their breathtaking home and walled garden.

Our mum was in charge of the tropical bird photos for the table names, helping us to get ready, and all the emotional support mothers offer as a matter of course. The ushers and all other able young folk fetched, carried, picked up and cleaned marquee windows in blistering sunshine. Too many people to name individually came together for just Sophie and James, a fact that gladdens the heart at such happy support and love offered up so freely.

Sophs designed, bought and directed all of the interior décor, including three ash saplings which were chosen some time ago to lash to the central supporting posts, with hanging glass candle lanterns. In a nod to our Latin American upbringings, she strung papel picado, a traditional punched paper Mexican sort of bunting, from the top of the marquee and behind the cake table. We had it at our wedding too, and it makes for a beautiful alternative to the more British triangular bunting. There was a wee bit of classic bunting on the cakes, though- (which tasted fine!) You can catch a glimpse of it (and of the papel picado) in the photo below of the happy couple slicing into the cake. Sophie’s dress is a 1940s vintage one made from French cotton lace. She looked quite exquisite. James was as handsome as ever in his kilt- lots of kilts at a Scottish wedding of course!

These are just a few snaps taken by the guests- I’ll post one or two official photos once the lovely Laura Sparrow has finished her work.

It’s always a bit… sad after such a big event. So much planning, shopping, organising and dreaming, all finished with in a beautiful flash. But marriage is, after all, meant to be the start. And so here’s to looking forward: good things, guys. Good things. x

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It’s some time since I got married, and my dear friend Laura couldn’t do my photography because she was one of my bridesmaids! Happily, she will be providing her services to my sister Sophie at her upcoming nuptials this summer.

Her new site has just launched and I had to share it- she does beautiful portraiture work too, and we’ve been lucky enough to get some shots of the boys as birthday presents. Good luck Laura!

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A fresh eye

In a moment of motherly exhaustion recently I let Sol have the camera. He loved it, and worked out how to take pictures and videos and then watch them back with alarming speed. I really need to sort him out a camera that can be dropped without inducing heart attack in his parents, but so far it gets tied on to his person and away he goes. It buys me quite a lot of dishwasher/knitting/breastfeeding time. And what has been most surprising are the resulting photos. There are a few gems in there, and it’s a real insight into what interests a three year old. Ok, for every lovely photo of Otis there are five very short videos of the inside of his hat, but I thought I’d put a few of the better ones up:

His artwork:

What we spend a lot of our day doing (feeding Otis):

Very useful for locating lost objects- this is the smallest of Otis’ stacking cups wedged beneath the sofa:

Self portrait:

And many of his brother (who gives Sol a much better reaction than he does his parents):

I like the moments and object he chooses to capture. It’s like a little window.

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