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Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 018

As it was a birthday present and the big day has passed, I can show you some photos of one of the cryptic crafting projects- a cape! Modelled with initial reluctance and then gusto by my boys:

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 011

From Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee, this was an easy pattern to follow and took me two evenings. I had the fabrics in my collection already and the glazed coconut button was a present which has been awaiting just the right project. It’s a lovely shade! The cape is reversible, although the button should be further on the edge, or another placed on the inside, for that to really be the case. But I figure the floral side will be the most appealing to the recipient anyway. Otis looks like a little university dean:

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 013

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 015

There’s a hood, but this could be left off to make the cape more superhero, if required, and it has a brilliant twirl factor.

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 008

Happy Birthday Holly! Hope you like it!

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 007


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