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Esther's cape, oct 2013 054…on the streets of NE Scotland! This is one of my favourite presents to make and give; Meg McElwee‘s pattern, from book Growing Up Sew Liberated, is relatively quick and easy and it’s so swishy and fun to play with. The only downside is that is requires quite a large quantity of fabric, so could quickly end up a bit of an extravagance. I really fancied Michael Miller’s Foxtrot in Jewel… oooh it’s so lovely… but at £12.80 a metre it was out of reach.

So I had a rummage in my fabric cabinet and found an old skirt with lots of fabric-concealing darts, and a couple of other prints to contrast.

Esther's cape, oct 2013 057

Annoyingly, I made an error with the hood cutting, but then didn’t have enough red fabric to re-cut. The hood pieces, I feel, should really sit at opposites to the cape fabric below, as a sort of harlequin effect, but I couldn’t do it. It’s an irritation which will bother me every time I see the cape!

But not to worry- the 4 year old it is intended for will hopefully forgive me. Happy birthday, Esther!

And another recent photo to counter-balance the utterly angelic first one:

Esther's cape, oct 2013 036

I was too busy weeping at the state of my (some hand embroidered) bed linen to photograph it… permanent pen, of course


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finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 034

This is the second cape from Meg McElwee’s Growing Up sew Liberated I’ve made as a gift. I’m getting quicker! I had bought a pale pink fabric to line the cape, but realised that I had bought about 10cm too little, which was extremely frustrating. Time limitations meant that I had to use something from my stash. It hurt a bit cutting such a large piece from this striped shot cotton that was my grandmother’s, but there’s still some left and I think it makes for quite the pattern clash contrast!

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 032

finished cape, ship quilt finished, Sol's bed, brass 033

Therefore this one is truly reversible with a button on both sides, a Gabrielle Reith bumble bee and an enamelled coconut one. Hope she likes it!

NOT in the cape-modelling mood.

NOT in the cape-modelling mood.

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Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 018

As it was a birthday present and the big day has passed, I can show you some photos of one of the cryptic crafting projects- a cape! Modelled with initial reluctance and then gusto by my boys:

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 011

From Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee, this was an easy pattern to follow and took me two evenings. I had the fabrics in my collection already and the glazed coconut button was a present which has been awaiting just the right project. It’s a lovely shade! The cape is reversible, although the button should be further on the edge, or another placed on the inside, for that to really be the case. But I figure the floral side will be the most appealing to the recipient anyway. Otis looks like a little university dean:

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 013

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 015

There’s a hood, but this could be left off to make the cape more superhero, if required, and it has a brilliant twirl factor.

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 008

Happy Birthday Holly! Hope you like it!

Dec 6th 2012 hat and cape 007

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