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Finally! The laying and sanding of our sitting room floor has unfortunately eaten up rather a lot of knitting time, but after a few hours in the car last weekend visiting friends and the odd row snatched here and there, my Jared Flood shawl is at last finished.


It consisted of three sections, all knitted using different techniques, which kept it interesting, although I was ready for it to be over with by the end!


I did try take some photos of it without the use of children and dogs as props, but the colour just didn’t look right. It’s a gorgeous Shilasdair yarn dyed using tansy flowers. My sister is the recipient- I hope you like it Sophie!



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mousse et vagues shawl 011

After some long, long rows, my Mousse et Vagues shawl is finally finished! It’s the last knitted request from a friend and it has been great to try something new. I was a stranger to shawls and the garter tab cast on, but thanks to You Tube, no longer.

mousse et vagues shawl 013

I loved how the garment is knit from the top down, and so is always a triangle, just ever expanding. It starts out as a mouse-sized shawl, then doll, then teddy, then child… you could just go on and on, until your yarn ran out. Or your sanity, which might come first. By the end those 320+ stitch rows were a pain and seemed to go on forever!

mousse et vagues shawl 004

mousse et vagues shawl 015

The pattern isĀ  free from French blog Stipa et Alpaca and although not a difficult one, I think I should probably steer clear of patterns that describe themselves as ‘recipes’ as this tends to at best presume some knowledge and at worst be rather waffly. However it’s done now and I’m really pleased with the snuggly result.

mousse et vagues shawl 014

I used a Manos del Uruguay yarn in a silk/merino blend which is just beautiful, not only to work with but to look at. It has a lustre and depth of colour that rendered one of my visiting friends speechless! A bit of a luxury, but worth it. My gloomy photos don’t do it justice and I shall be rather sad to see it go.

mousse et vagues shawl 005

In other knitting news, I bought these gorgeous skeins from my beloved Wool Shed the other day, when visiting with Oli’s cousin who also accidentally bought about 8 balls of Flying Flock.

mousse et vagues shawl 008

They’re from Skye company Shilasdair, and are all dyed with natural plant dyes, which is amazing considering the breadth and depth of colour.

mousse et vagues shawl 009

I should have enough for two Christmas presents out of this, so alas cannot say more just now! Also in the Christmas vein I shall be taking a felt inventory tonight and ordering in what I need for this year’s advent calendars. I’m determined to keep one for the boys this year, so need to make quite a few. Updates to follow!


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